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By using the Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd web site ( you automatically agree to this privacy policy. This policy was updated on the 24th November 2020. Under the 2018 Data Protection Act and the General Data Provisions Regulations (GDPR) your data controller is: Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd. Specifically the Operations Director. Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd is committed to ensuring that the privacy of your information is protected always. This privacy policy explains how we collect information about you, how we use the information we collect and how you can instruct us. Protecting your privacy is extremely important to us and we aim to be as clear as possible about how your information is used. If you have any questions about this, or wish to withdraw your consent at any time, contact us using the details in the section:

Data Protection and Your Privacy.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before submitting any of your information to us. Some of the ways we use your information are necessary for us to provide our services to you, and others will only be used with your consent. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

You are always in complete control of how we use your information. Where you have consented to us using your information for purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy (for example asking us to store your email address to receive a newsletter), you can withdraw your consent at any time, by contacting us by email at Where you ask us to stop marketing communications, please be aware it may take us a few days (but no longer than a month) to ensure our systems are updated.

Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd does not carry out market research nor disclose this data to any third parties.

In order to protect your information, to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and be GDPR compliant, we may require proof of identity before we disclose any personal information to you.

Collection of data

Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd may collect personal contact information from you, for example, if you send an email or fill a form in on our website. If you want your information removed from our database then please get in touch please by email at

You are always entitled to see what information is held about you. If you want to find out what information we hold (called a Data Subject Access Request) or to have any of your information updated or corrected, please contact us on the above details. We are obliged to respond to your request within 30 days.

We may need to collect information about you such as your name, email address and telephone number (mobile or landline). Other examples of personal data are your voice when captured during a telephone conversation or your image when captured on CCTV by systems installed in our owned premises or vehicles. You are responsible for ensuring other members of your party are aware of the content of our privacy policy and consent to you acting on their behalf when dealing with us. If you contact us or have an enquiry we will keep a record of this which may include some of your information depending on how you contacted us.

Our use of your personal data

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and all personal data held and disclosed shall be in line with current Data Protection regulations.

We may disclose your personal data to our suppliers and service providers in connection with the provision of their products and services to you. These may include ferry crossings, hotels, insurance etc. Only information necessary for these purposes is disclosed.

Personal data relating to health conditions, considered ‘sensitive personal data’ will only be collected if we are required to cater for any specific needs and only with your consent. By using our services you agree for your insurers and any medical staff to disclose any relevant information that may affect the group you are travelling with. (An example of this is if you are diagnosed with an infectious illness we may need to arrange specific travel requirements to ensure you do not return to the group immediately.)

We may from time to time contact you by post with information related to newly released services we have on offer. You can indicate which material you receive by contacting or inform our staff at the first time you book with us. You reserve the right to change your preferences at any time.


Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd does not use cookies on this web site to collect information on or from its users except for the mechanisms in use by Google Analytics. Please see for further details.

Links to external sites

Grayscroft Bus Services ltd is not responsible for the content on external sites. Our website may link to a number of external websites, for example Facebook. If you click on one of these links you acknowledge that your access of such websites will be subject to that website's own terms and conditions and Privacy Policy. Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd has no control over how your information is used by these websites, where it is stored and, as such, any course of action you have regarding any alleged misuse of such information must be against the owners of the relevant website.

Grayscroft Bus Services Ltd reserves the right to access and disclose personal information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests.

We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy when required. Updates will be changed on our website and will be available upon request. We always endeavour to ensure our Data Protection policies comply with up to date regulations/policies.

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